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Interesting Travel Essays with Quizzes Offer Learning and Challenge

Travel Quiz WeeklyMarch 10, 2014 – Travel Quiz Weekly was created to offer travel information in the form of travel essays to complement Charles Harmon’s  website. Harmon, the owner of Travel Quiz Weekly, had many travel articles to publish and thought two sites would be better than one. In the process, the idea of using the content as a learning tool struck him as a better idea, and that is when the idea of Travel Quiz Weekly was born.

The quizzes are crafted after rereading a travel destination write-up and then creating a simple quiz about it. The object is to make reading and quiz taking an educational experience those in school can learn from, as well as adults. Reading the articles and taking the quizzes can be a big help in deciding where a person’s next vacation might be.

The travel articles and write-ups are generally short, easy reading, and easy to understand. Each quiz has a picture of the topic in the essay. There are several picture quizzes where users guess the city, state, country or other area the write-up is about. Other quizzes cover wilderness areas where people hike, camp, go biking, and enjoy other outdoor activities.

Quizzes vary from one to ten questions. The idea is to create an interesting quiz while at the same time providing a learning experience for the quiz taker. By first reading about various travel destinations, one can learn about potential travel adventures and places to go beforehand.

The travel destinations covered not only include the United States, but other country destinations, national parks, and other attractions tourists like to visit.

Through the quizzes, the armchair traveler has many different places to read and learn about. They will discover different places and information about them without leaving the comfort of their home.

Quizzes have been designed to be relatively easy since people from all over the world might be taking them. Plans are in the works to make a certain percentage more difficult and challenging for those wanting more of a challenge.

The site is scheduled to offer a new quiz every week, but Charles has challenged himself to create quizzes more frequently as time permits. The hope is that travel quizzes at Travel Quiz Weekly will catch on and provide worthwhile entertainment for younger and older alike. Through travel quizzes the site offers website visitors a different, more informed look at the world around them.

If users take any of his quizzes, they should be sure to leave a comment. They will be used as the basis for improvement and visitor preferences. Travel Quiz Weekly can be reached at


Other information:

Charles, a retired computer programmer, took a liking to creating websites about 10 years ago. Out of all his dozens of websites, he has found his niche in writing travel articles. This new site of his, Travel Quiz Weekly, is his third travel related site and it offers website visitors interaction through reading and quizzes.

Charles L. Harmon, Website Creator and Owner for Sale


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