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Limited Domain/Website Offer

Buy a domain name from me for $475 (or more) through Good Luck Domains and if you don’t have a website for that domain, I will build you a simple content website and host it for 3 months. Website and the hosting are a FREE Bonus for purchasing the domain name from me. Hosting includes an option to continue hosting from me after the 3 month period, or to move your site to a different hosting company.     After purchase contact me here from this website.

Other domains can be found at Domain Sam.

I am also looking for working partners for three or four of my sites and/or domain names. Any potential partner will have to put up a deposit/investment to show you are sincere about the partnership and will do the work required.

For partnerships see ads on this site mentioning partnerships, follow instructions in the ad if you are interested.

Click Here to go to my Good Luck Domains site

*     Domain must be from listings on Good Luck Domains, website will be 5-10 pages, including About pg, Contact pg, legal pg, a WordPress website, up to 5 pages of content, applicable plugins. Hosting is special VPS hosting for 3 months.

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