Japan’s Ishigaki Island

Japan’s Marvelous Ishigaki Island and its Stunning Beaches

Kabira Bay Ishigaki Island Japan

Kabira Bay of Ishigaki Island in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the Japan’s Places of Scenic Beauty. Photo by 663highland / CC BY 2.5

If you are searching for the best surfing beaches in Japan, you will most probably end up on Ishigaki Island. It’s just 250 miles south of Okinawa. Covering only 85 square miles, Ishigaki exudes a laid-back attitude. The environment is the very opposite of bustling Japanese cities like Tokyo.

The island features some of the best sandy beaches in the country, as well as a collection of gorgeous coral reefs. No wonder domestic sun and surf worshippers make their way to Ishigaki every chance they get.

Ishigaki Bay

Ishigaki Bay, seen from Southern Gate Bridge. Photo by maru0522 / CC BY 2.0

Easy Accessability

The island is served by New Ishigaki Airport, the largest airport in the Yaeyamas. As Japan’s southernmost city, Ishigaki is the main island in the Yaeyama archipelago. Part of its appeal is its accessibility. ISL Language CourseThe island maintains the airport. The low-cost air carrier called Peach, conducts regular flights to the island from Osaka. Because of its transport infrastructure, such as the airport and boat terminal, Ishigaki is the transport hub of the region.

Ishigaki is Visitor Friendly

Ishigaki island can entertain and captivate various types of visitors. It offers rivers and lush jungle terrain perfect for nature lovers and kayaking enthusiasts. Hikers will be thrilled to conquer the highest mountain in Okinawa Prefecture and other hiking trails spread throughout the island’s hilly region.

There are a number of snorkeling rental and diving shops on the island to accommodate those who want to explore the surrounding coral reefs. Manta ray watching is also very popular especially in the Manta Scramble area close to Kabira Bay.

Ishigaki Island from space.

Ishigaki Island from space.

Visit Spectacular Beaches

But a big chunk of visitors to Ishigaki long to spend some time on its spectacular beaches. Whether you prefer sandy or rocky, the island has its all. Kabira Bay or called Kabirawan is where you can find possibly the most scenic views of the island. The bay is also an important site of black pearl cultivation in Japan.

Much of the island and surrounding waters including Mount Omoto and Kabira Bay are protected, They are part of Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park. Although swimming, diving and snorkeling is not permitted in the bay, you can still sign up for a long glass bottom boat ride. Thay way you can get a closer view of the Kabira’s underwater wonders.

Fusaki-Beach Ishigaki Japan

Fusaki beach フサキビーチ_03, Ishigaki Okinawa Japan. Photo by ajari Japan http://www.flickr.com/people/ajari/|| CC BY 2.0

Best Time to Visit

Ishigaki’s stunning beaches welcome visitors anytime of the year. But the best time in terms of temperature is in between the months of April and November. The major beaches on the island are well-equipped with basic facilities. These include restrooms, showers, changing rooms and shops. However, these facilities may be closed outside the summer period. Some of the most popular beaches on Ishigaki Island include the Sunset Beach, Sukuji Beach and Yonehara Beach.

Islands of Okinawa Prefecture

The islands of Okinawa Prefecture. Photo by en:user:Jpatokal / CC BY-SA 3.0

Sukuji Beach’s sandy stretch measures one kilometer long. It is the home of one of the luxury resorts on the island – Club Med Resort. Because the water of Sukuji Beach is shallow and has a sandy bottom. It is perfect for swimming. But expect that part of the beach to be netted to protect swimmers from jellyfish.

Sunset Beach is tucked in a cove, situated on the western side of the island. Like Sukuji, the beach is perfect for swimmers and snorkelers. Unfortunately, most of the beach is also covered with net to keep the jellyfish away.

Yonehara Beach boasts the best snorkeling on the island because of the surrounding corals. It is also one of the nice beaches around Ishigaki. The beach is covered in small pieces of white coral. Aside from public facilities, the beach is also equipped with a camping site.

More tourist information can be found here http://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Ishigaki


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Ishigaki Island


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