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Here you will find travel trivia quizzes based on write-ups of the various travel destinations. Try your hand on these quizzes. As a help when you read the article you will see certain words and phrases highlighted in a different color from the rest of the text. These are clues to the trivia questions for that article. Trivia quizzes are not associated with every travel destination.

Nara Japan Travel Trivia Quiz #84T

 Japanese traditional banner

A Japanese traditional banner

Read the writeup first before you take the quiz. If you’ve already read the writeup see how good your memory is – or you can cheat a little and glance at the writeup and note the colored text which are clues to the answers.

Nara is the capital city of Nara Prefecture located in the Kansai region of Japan. The city occupies the northern part of Nara Prefecture. Eight temples, shrines and ruins in Nara remain: specifically Tōdai-ji, Saidai-ji, Kōfuku-ji, Kasuga Shrine, Gangō-ji, Yakushi-ji, Tōshōdai-ji, and the Heijō Palace, together with Kasugayama Primeval Forest, collectively form “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nara has developed into a local center of commerce and government. The city was officially incorporated on February 1, 1898. Nara has developed into a local center of commerce and government. The city was officially incorporated on February 1, 1898.

Silka Deer in Nara Japan

Deer roaming in Nara Park in autumn.

According to the legendary history of Kasuga Shrine, a mythological god Takemikazuchi arrived in Nara on a white deer to guard the newly built capital of Heijō-kyō. Since then the deer have been regarded as heavenly animals, protecting the city and the country. Tame Sika deer roam through the town, especially in Nara Park. Snack vendors sell “shika sembei” (deer biscuits) to visitors so they can feed the deer. There were about 1,200 deer in Nara in 2005.

Writeup: Nara – Precious Gem of Japan

Click the link above and read the writeup BEFORE taking quiz.

Take this trivia quiz about Nara, Japan and see how much you’ve learned or remember.

Quiz #84T Nara Japan Trivia

Travel Trivia QuizThis Travel Trivia Quiz is about Nara Japan. There are clues in the writeup to help guess the answers. The level of this quiz is unknown.

See how well you can do. Each answer is worth about 10 points. If you don’t know the answer, then take a guess.

This test is timed (2 min) so be aware of that.

This is a trivia quiz so some answers might be unimportant.


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