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Travel Destination Ideas and Quizzes of Interesting Vacation Getaways

Travel quiz weekly is your source for travel quizzes that facilitate learning about various places and travel destinations. It will give you travel destination ideas you can use to help decide on potential vacation getaways. If you have children, our quizzes might be just the thing to help introduce them to new countries, cities, popular attractions, geography, and other interesting places in the United States and other parts of the world.

Temecula Valley California

Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival

Learn about new places by reading the writeup or essay about a travel destination then taking the quiz to see how much you learned and remember. Be sure to read the article or text associated with any images first, before taking the quiz.

Most quizzes are based on a short article about a specific city, area or country, attraction or other features that visitors of that destination would like to know about or visit.

Some quizzes are based on a picture only and any accompanying text, so be sure to read everything before taking the quiz.

With our quizzes you will discover vacation getaways and interesting vacation travel destinations. Test your memory and knowledge all the while becoming better informed about different travel destinations. Know what to expect even before you leave home.

Some quizzes are scored so you can compare your score with others that have taken that particular quiz. As you learn about other places in the world you can also challenge yourself with our quizzes. Pick up tips you can use if you do visit any of the interesting getaway destinations.

Palmdale California

Palmdale California and Mountains

Some of our quizzes may have more information about the quiz topic that can be found on our main travel site, For anyone interested in going on an African Safari we have a new website with some of the pictures I took while on an African safari. I will also be adding to that site more images and a few videos taken by others.

I hope you enjoy the quizzes. If the quiz page permits, please leave any comments you may have or use the contact form.

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