A Philippine Quiz (rev 1)

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My response; A Philippines Quiz (rev pt 1)

Quiz created by Quiz Me Too Charles L Harmon for Travel Quiz Weekly

When I created my first quiz about the Philippines I thought I was making a challenging quiz. However, I was very surprised to find from people who took the quiz that it was way more difficult than I intended. So here is a revision of the quiz. The idea was to make it easier.

I won’t know if I succeeded until I get some feedback from those who actually take the quiz. I’ve split the revised version of “A Philippine Quiz” into two parts. Take this revision 1, then revision 2 and see if you learn something about the Philippines.

Please leave a comment and let me know if the quizzes were easy or not. Thanks.


Click Here for Part 2 (10 questions)

For quiz details and answers see results after part 2

Try your hand at a few more quizzes and see how good you are. Tell your friends about this and other quizzes you’ll find here on the site.

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