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Experience Nature at Mount Sunapee State Park New Hampshire

Mount Sunapee

Mount Sunapee view from Lake Sunapee

One of the main recreation areas in New Hampshire, United States is Mount Sunapee State Park. Specifically located within the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region, the state park has been a favored destination for those seeking for some fun and recreation. The north end of Mount Sunapee, including the summit, is within Mount Sunapee State Park.

Offering various activities for the different seasons of the year, Mount Sunapee State Park provides fun and excitement all year round. During winter, people head out to the Mt. Sunapee Resort, which is owned by the state and operated by the Okemo Mountain Resort, to get a premier alpine skiing experience. The Mt. Sunapee State Park breathes in new life when spring begins. At that time, it is safer to explore the wide range of marked hiking trails.

 Lake Sunapee from Mount Sunapee

Looking north on Lake Sunapee from atop Mount Sunapee. Shows about half of Lake Sunapee.

The resort offers its guests a number of thrilling outdoor activities such as off-road Segway excursions and a Canopy Zip-Line Tour. This particular tour allows you to go through zip lines, rappelling and rope bridges while descending from the top of South Peak. For golf enthusiasts, the resort also has an 18-hole championship disc golf course. This unique course winds downs from the top of the South peak, goes into the woods, and out to follow the Province Trail. In addition, there is also an 18-hole miniature golf course called Wild Goose Waters, specially situated at the base of South Peak ís Adventure Park.

Mount Sunapee Lake, which covers about 4,085 acres, is the crown jewel of the state park. Located at the beach section of the park, the lake is the perfect spot for fishing, boating, family outings and group picnics. It is also possible to overnight at the beach area to get closer to beautiful natural environment. There is a designated campground about a mile from the main beach.

Global Lake Ecological Observator

The LSPA has deployed the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) System in an area of the lake. LSPA has been collecting ecology data for more than 100 years.

Mount Sunapee State Park usually opens its doors to the public from May until October. Its operating hours are from Monday to Sunday. However, there are times that the management changes the schedule without prior notice. During off-season, the park does not staff and will not provide certain services. Before your visit, it is highly advisable to call the park to confirm its opening times. If you wish to visit Mount Sunapee during off season, make sure to bring the right equipment and adequate supplies. You will also need sufficient skills and knowledge to explore the park independently. There is a small admission fee to be paid to access the park and season passes are also offered.

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If you like outdoor activities and you are visiting New Hampshire then Mount Sunapee is a place you should visit.

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